Explore workload performance with Dell EMC Live Optics (DPACK) Analysis

Optimise spending and analyse opportunities for virtualisation or data centre expansion with Dell EMC Live Optics (previously Dell DPACK) —cloud-based IT infrastructure planning and collaboration software.

This hardware- and platform-agnostic analysis service records workload characteristics, measures performance and creates simulations from various industry-leading platforms.

Get the visibility and data you need to:

  • Eliminate overspending
  • Speed up decision-making
  • Identify opportunities for virtualisation
  • Increase the utility of future IT investment
  • Reduce the guesswork involved in data center expansion and troubleshooting with a Live Optics analysis, which typically takes 24 hours or less to complete.

Dell EMC Live Optics

How to get started with Live Optics / DPACK:

Live Optics works non-disruptively in Windows, Linux and VMware environments; customers typically allocate approximately 24 hours for data collection.

The Live Optics Collector runs remotely and is agentless, gathering core metrics such as disk I/O, throughput, free and used capacity, and memory utilisation. Then Live Optics produces an in-depth analysis of server workloads and capacity requirements to help optimise datacentre operations and expansion.

Get started with Live Optics (Formally Dell DPACK), a platform-agnostic data center analysis service at no cost — to help you understand your environment, optimise IT investments and evaluate growth opportunities.

Get Live Optics / DPACK

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