Dell EMC SC Series Fibre Channel Storage

Automated hybrid-to-all-flash storage solutions offer modern architecture and affordable performance for organisations of all sizes.

Built on a virtualised, scalable pool of disks for block and file data, the flexible Storage Center SC Series architecture supports various drive configurations including all-flash, hybrid-flash and traditional spinning disk solutions for enterprise block- and file-oriented workloads.

Dell EMC SC Series Compellent Storage

Automated intelligent data tiering dynamically places hot data on high-performance drives and cold data on high-capacity drives, allowing you to maximise application performance without straining your budget or sacrificing capacity. With tiering between both write- and readintensive SSDs, as well as less expensive HDDs and automated provisioning and optimisation of RAID levels, Dell EMC’s patented Data Progression technology yields flash performance and can even cost less than traditional spinning disk solutions.

To maximise efficiency and investment protection, Dell Storage Manager (DSM) software supports multi-array, multi-site, cross-platform replication and management (PS Series and SC Series) from a single interface.

Dell EMC All Flash Array

Bring the power and speed of Dell EMC all-flash storage to bear on your toughest business challenges. Whether your goals include general-purpose workload consolidation, a new VDI deployment, high-volume OLTP systems or an all-flash private cloud, SC All-Flash storage delivers modern SSD performance with simplicity, flexibility and value. Why compromise with less complete solutions? These arrays have everything you need to get started with all-flash faster – and see all-flash results sooner.

Dell EMC SC SC9000 Storage Array

Dell EMC’s flagship storage controller provides the ideal solution for large-scale systems, high-end workload performance and distributed enterprise environments.  The SC9000 builds on the success of the popular SC8000 Series arrays with a fully upgraded, more scalable hardware platform that offers a 12Gb SAS backend, dual 8-core Intel processors and 4x more system memory.

Dell EMC SC7020 Storage Array

Control the deluge of diverse data you manage and stay future-ready with the Dell EMC Storage SC7020. The SC7020 combines more capacity and greater flexibility together in one system to simplify management and lower costs.

Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array

The Dell EMC SC5020 Storage array makes storage cost savings automatic with a modern architecture that optimises your data center for economics while delivering transformational SSD, HDD or hybrid performance.

Dell EMC SC4020 All-In-One Array Storage Array

Turn your valuable data into a true enterprise-class business advantage. The Dell EMC Compellent Storage SC4020’s high IOPS and low latency accelerate any application, and the flexible platform lets you start small — with an affordable all-flash, hybrid or all-HDD solution — and expand and adapt cost-effectively to meet changing workload needs.

Dell EMC Compellent Storage SCv3000 Series


The new SCv3000 Series arrays pack more advanced capabilities in an entry-level hybrid solution than ever before, helping even the smallest companies compete effectively against larger, more expensive deployments.

Dell EMC Compellent Storage SCv2000 Series

Offering the perfect blend of high performance and affordability, the Dell EMC Compellent Storage SCv2000 series brings feature-rich software options and balances the need for low cost per terabyte with the best performance and protection in its class. The SCv2000 gives you the performance to drive critical applications while maximising your return on investment.

Dell EMC Compellent Storage FS8600

With next-generation Dell EMC Fluid File System version 5 (FluidFS v5), the enterprise-class FS8600 is one of the most competitive price-per-performance scale-out NAS solutions available, cost-effectively delivering high file operations per second (OPS). This efficient combination works together to scale performance and capacity.

Dell EMC SC Series Compellent Consultancy & Support

Our technical expertise around Dell EMC SC Compellent storage is unrivalled, Krome Technologies are a Dell Platinum partner offering Dell EMC SC Compellent Solution Design, Compellent Implementation, Consultancy and Support Services.