Dell EMC FS8600 NAS Appliance with Fluid FSv5

Enhanced scalability and performance with Dell FS8600

The Dell FS8600 an enterprise-class scale-out NAS with competitive TCO, up to 4PB in a single file system & over 20PB in a single global namespace.
Dell FS8600 NAS

Optimised platform for high speed, low TCO

With the Dell Fluid File System version 6 (FluidFS v6), the enterprise-class Dell FS8600 is one of the most competitive price-per-performance scale-out NAS solutions available, cost-effectively delivering high file operations per second (OPS).

This efficient combination works together to scale performance and capacity, achieving:

  • Linear performance expansion reaching 494,000 file opens with SPEC SFS 2008 and 11.9 GB/sec max throughput
  • Improved performance through mirrored cache and automated load balancing, even as you add more data
  • Up to four FS8600 NAS appliances and eight SC series storage arrays in a single scale-out storage solution

High rack density and low cost per GB

Dell Storage Center with FS8600 and SCv2080 storage arrays offer ideal rack density for storage-intensive workloads, providing:

  • Best storage density compared to the top five storage vendors, storing 1PB of raw capacity in 14U rack space
  • Low cost per GB of USD $0.18/GB for 1PB of raw capacity
  • Increased efficiency with scale-out architecture, flash optimisation, automated tiering and built-in policy-driven, block-level deduplication and compression
  • Unencumbered capacity with NAS thin provisioning and space reclamation

Scale-out performance and capacity on the fly

Expand file storage performance and capacity within your existing infrastructure, transparently adding and managing drives, storage enclosures or NAS appliances as needed:

  • Scale easily to 4PB in a single file system and over 20PB in a single namespace
  • Enhance flexibility with multiple protocol support, including SMB, NFS and FTP
  • Protect data locally using snapshots, NDMP backup, remote replication and snapshot archiving
  • Simplify data management with Dell Storage Manager for managing SAN and NAS; file system quotas; file extension filtering; enhanced reporting and CLI, Powershell and REST management APIs
  • Improve data security and governance with rich integration via Active Directory/LDAP, network isolation and support for file-system auditing like Change Auditor
  • Multitenancy support to securely manage and deploy solutions for up to 100 tenants. Each tenant will have separate NAS access and management capabilities.

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