Dell EMC Unity XT 480F All-Flash Storage

Deliver consistent high performance for midrange workloads with Dell EMC Unity XT 480F all-flash storage. This unified storage platform is designed for performance and is NVMe-ready to deliver high-speed access to business data with the ability to simultaneously run mixed application workloads, process inline data reduction, and provide data services with no performance overhead.

Dell EMC Unity XT 480F


Dell EMC Unity XT 480F is also optimised for efficiency with up to 5:1 data reduction to reduce storage footprint and lower TCO. Plus, you will be able to enable your multi-cloud strategy whether you are looking for disaster recovery as a service in the cloud, integration with VMware Cloud Foundation, deploying storage in the cloud, or automatically tiering data to the cloud.

This unified storage comes standard with support for file and block, point-in-time snapshots, local and remote data replication, built-in encryption, and deep integration with VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack.

Gain intelligent insight into your storage health with CloudIQ, which provides cloud-based proactive monitoring and predictive analytics. Additionally, ongoing operation is simple with proactive assistance and automated remote support.

Key features:

  • Unified block, file, and VMware VVols support
  • Delivers up to 4.0PB max raw capacity
  • NVMe-ready
  • Up to 5:1 unified data reduction (all-flash pools)
  • Protects investment with theĀ Future-Proof ProgramĀ (support agreement required)

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Dell EMC Unity XT All-Flash Storage Data SheetDELL EMC UNITY XT DATA SHEET

Reduce cost and simplify operations with all-flash unified storage platforms built from the ground up to deliver speed, efficiency and multi-cloud support.

Dell EMC Unity XT All-Flash Storage Data Sheet – Documented Updated: Dec 2019